RGB Prism(Philips Prism)

RGB Prism(Philips Prism)


The RGB (Philips)Prism is designed for reflective LCOS Projector, matrix camera applications, and is well-suited to fast lenses imaging onto three CCD/CMOS sensors.
Foctek has developed the unique thin air-space (8um+/-2um) cementing technique for this prism, which allows Foctek to custom-made high precision Philips Prism for the customers.

 1. Coating for each prism:

Wavelength(nm) 430~480 520~560 600~670
B HT, T>95% T<0.1% T<0.1%
R T<0.1% T<0.1% HT, T>95%
G T<0.1% HT, T>95% T<0.1%

 2. Optical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Optical Path     14~150 mm             
Clear Aperture   up to 50x50mm
Wavelength range   430~670nm  
 Antireflection coating   R<0.4%  
 Type of coating   Dichroic  
 Blue 430~480 nm
 Green 520~560 nm
 Red 600~670 nm
 Transmission    >80%  
 Interface    upon request  
 Mount type    upon request  
 Output trimming filter    upon request  

For three sensors camera application, Foctek also has the ability to assembly the sensors onto the prism output surfaces for you, and guarantee the high precision optical path and position between three sensors. 


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